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Digital printing material printing glue feel dry and smooth
- 2018-12-15-

Product profile

1,Printed adhesive PulpDigital cover pulp is a mixture of polyurethane resins

2, is a skin-sensitive cover pulp

3, used in digital inkjet printing when the cover surface

    Product traits

Appearance: Milky white paste

Ionic: anionic


    Product Features

1, soft feel, cover after the special mute, do not plug the net

2, feel dry, smooth, skin feeling

3, formaldehyde, APEO, heavy metals, phthalates, etc. in line with domestic, foreign and industry environmental protection standards

    How to use it

1,Printed adhesive PulpDigital special soft bottom pulp hit the bottom 2 times, and then printed inkjet white glue pulp 2-3 times, the last time do not bake dry while the wet state of inkjet, inkjet after drying with cover pulp +1% additives cover 1 times 3 knife, natural cool dry 4-12 hours, overheating 130℃-150℃1-3 minutes.

2, need to add 1% additives to improve fastness
3, screen mesh to 800-1200 mesh is the most suitable, if in the weather hot plug network can be added 0.5%-2% moisturizing agent.

   Product Storage

1, in 5-35 ℃ under the storage in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun or low temperature freeze.

2. Storage time: 6 months

    Product packaging


"Note": This information is based on the company's existing technical knowledge and experience of the preparation. Due to the many influencing factors in the process of processing and applying the company's products, the need for users to experiment on their own is not ruled out. This information also does not legally warrant that the product is entirely correct in certain nature or is fully applicable for special purposes. Users of the company's products shall be liable to comply with the publication ownership of this information, as well as the laws and regulations in force.


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