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Do you understand some of the little knowledge about the printing process?
- 2018-12-15-

Ask:Eco-friendly color speciesDigital inkjet printing commonly used color method screen display method is through what to color?
(1) Screen display method is adjusted screen appearance of the color to adjust the color of the picture, usually on the screen through the color menu to pick or adjust the color. This method is very useful in color matching or beginning toning, is a common color method used by designers

(2) However, because the color principle of the screen and dye on the fabric of the hair color principle is not the same (the screen is through the RGB three electronic beams mixed to occur color, and the dye is absorbed by some colors of light waves to reflect the color), the screen can appear the color is not all through the dye on the fabric reflected, And the nuances between the colors embodied in the dye do not appear clearly on the screen. Thus this is a general way of toning and cannot be used as an accurate color palette.


Q: What is the need to deal with the question of whether the appearance particles are thicker or have the flow ink when the printing process is in digital printing processing?

(1) The factors that occurred. It is composed of improper or damaged inkjet mouth conditioning.

(2) Treatment options. Selection of printing accuracy. Usually worsted thin fabrics mostly use high-precision 720x720dpi printing. Printing accuracy is directly related to the printer resolution, the use of 720DPI resolution for fabric printing, the accuracy has been appropriately high. And usually woolen wool fabric spray printing, can be printed with 360x360dpi precision. This can not only improve the printing speed, but also can be satisfied with the printing accuracy.


Ask:Eco-friendly color speciesSpecial Effect SlurryHow is the sizing operation process of the sizing machine?

(1) Import the tuned slurry into the slurry groove.

(2) Sew the Cloth on the selected guide cloth (some companies may not have a guide cloth), pay attention to the weft oblique (the weft is as parallel as possible to the roll of the sizing machine).

(3) The cloth through the slurry groove, through the roll, slow start.

(4) Fabric weft as far as possible adhere to parallel to the roll, together the two ends of the cloth into the sizing machine at both ends of the transmission needle belt.

(5) According to the type of cloth, thickness of the speed and temperature conditioning, drying temperature as far as possible not to exceed 90 ℃.

(5) After the sizing machine, someone should pick up the cloth. Look at the dry and wet condition of the cloth to see if the color of the cloth changes The high temperature of human cotton will turn yellow.

(7) When rolling, be careful to pull the center position of the cloth into the roller, to prevent the cloth when the center into an arc. The cloth should be flat and the two ends should be regular.

(8) If the rolled cloth is not used immediately, it needs to be packed in a plastic bag to keep. Write the title of cloth, customer information, sizing time and other information.


Q: How is the anti-felt shrinkage skill?

Prevent or reduce the wool fabric in washing and taking to shorten the deformation, so that the garment scale of the stable technical process is called anti-felt shrinkage. The felt shrinkage of wool fabric is due to the large elongation and elasticity of the scales in the wet state, resulting in a simple felt shortening after washing and rubbing. Therefore, the principle of anti-felt shrinkage is to partially erode the scales by chemical means, to change their appearance, or to cover up a layer of polymers on their appearance, and to make the fibers interwoven with the point, and then remove the root of the felt shrinkage. The anti-felt shrinkage fabric can reach the regular level, called super washable wool fabric.


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