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Printing glue manufacturers: Picture sharp angle rounded angle attack reason
- 2018-12-08-

Printed adhesive PulpManufacturer: Picture sharp angle rounded angle attack reason
Because the printing glue in the picture book printing process gradually thickened, so that its activity becomes smaller, in the through the mesh must add scraping knife pressure talent through the mesh, but in the screen pattern edge because of the photosensitive glue support pad effect, printing slurry factory so that the scraping knife can not at any time the slurry extrusion mesh, so that the slurry stay in the mesh formed film, The mesh that forms the edge of the photosensitive glue is clogged.

How to handle it:
(1) The selection of low-target numbers, monofilament, thin wire mesh;
(2) photosensitive adhesive can not be too thick;
(3) The slurry should adhere to a certain degree of fluidity at any time.
3, Fabric printing in the appearance of flat net press printing how to deal with


Reason: The color rate of the mesh frame is too deep, the mesh frame edge is not proper, and the viscosity of the color slurry is too low.

How to handle it:
Printed adhesive PulpThe color rate of the mesh frame is too deep, the attack transverse version printing. Printing slurry Factory screen open version to be accurate, to avoid street connection stacking, large patches, without affecting the cost of energy under the premise, you can consider cross-cutting, to avoid the screen at both ends of the horizontal line stacking.
In the screen of the sticker cloth on the choice with mesh, such as window yarn, thick nylon wire mesh and other fabrics attached paste. When pasting do not paste in the vicinity of the mesh frame, select the width of the two ends of the screen paste, so that the direct version of the mesh box at the horizontal surface to set aside a little space, in the non-impact of printing scraping printing on the basis, to avoid the appearance of imprint printing.
Color slurry viscosity to be allocated moderate, favorable fabric uniform, striped bright

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