Precautions for preparation of printing glue slurry
- 2018-11-13-

PreparationPrinted adhesive PulpColor Pulp precautions

1, the determination of the prescription. Although synthetic thickener can be compatible with acrylate adhesives, but they have a wide variety, so to adapt to local conditions to choose the compatibility of ingredients, materials and their prescriptions, but also to consider printing equipment, printing fabrics and other factors, choose the best process.
2, according to different circumstances, the use of one-step or two-step approach. One-step is directly with the color pulp, open after thickening, suitable for the machine printing draft round NET printing. The two-step method is to make the thickener into the slurry similar to the emulsion slurry in advance, according to the conventional color matching operation can be adapted to the small batch of flat printing and manual plate printing.
3,Printed adhesive PulpColor pulp generally does not add catalyst. Because the synthetic Thickener releases ammonia from the polymer during baking, leaving free polyacrylic acid, it produces the acidic conditions required for the coating to be fixed. If the process needs to be added to the catalyst or accidentally encountered electrolyte and make the viscosity of the pulp drop, can be added to the synthetic thickener, viscosity can be restored.
4. Gel problem. In particular, the coating black reaction is obvious, the amount of individual paint slurry 809/l more than when it occurs, which is the deficiency of synthetic thickening pulp. British colloidal company's low viscosity synthetic thickener alcoprintpth can completely solve the gel problem. At present, semi-emulsified pulp is generally used in China is relatively safe.
5, seepage. The whole water phase coating printing in the drying before the swimming and the phenomenon of "color Halo", which is more obvious in blended, long silk fabrics, and the high water content in the color pulp is related. Appropriate increase in the amount of thickener and the addition of low HLB value of silicone oil and other additives, basically can overcome the emergence of seepage, of course, printing equipment and operation of the cooperation is also very important.


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